Our primary method of marketing is via Attraction Marketing Surveys & Videos’ (AMSAV’s) sales videos, in particular their Ultimate (Interactive) Video Option.
This is the latest technology in sales video production.
It engages the Viewer in a 2-way conversation with the Presenter, by making them answer questions in order to progress through the video.

An interactive Video utilises the above steps – first it makes the Viewer Aware of the product range, then it creates Interest. The viewer must then make a Decision and then take the necessary Action.

Additional videos are embedded in the main video, enabling the Presenter to “fine-tune” his presentation and his product offering right down to the item the Viewer is looking for – and then close a sale and even get payment made!
This strategy benefits the Viewer by making the purchase quick, easy and secure.
Click this link to watch the video: http://interactrapp.com/share/5bdc61cf947e5

We also market our site through our Landing Page in the Biz Hub Central Online Shopping Mall.

Marketing Videos.

Video 1: Foundry Video.

This video was produced by the foundry we purchase most of our product from.

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