On this page you will find videos pertaining to the Quality Bullion Trading Platform and its range of products, as well as some videos we have collected to help educate you on what is happening in the world of finance and, in particular, the difference between currency and money, and why governments around the world manipulate us into believing that currency is better than money, when it is not!
This is a series of videos made by renowned authors and experts on money, Mike Maloney and Robert Kiyosaki.
If you are as serious as we are about preserving your wealth, watch them all. They are well worth the time spent!

Video Gallery.

Money vs Currency.

Video 2 is a sales video produced by AMSAV for Quality Bullion.
It contains Mike Maloney’s “Money vs Currency – Hidden Secrets of Money, Episode 1”.
It is 26 minutes, but watch it to the end, as it contains valuable information to help build your knowledge on the difference between currency and money, and why it is preferable to have money rather than currency.