How does the Quality Bullion Trading Platform work?

We are accredited resellers of 24-carat, 999.9 pure gold and 99.99% pure silver bullion coins and bars in tradeable sizes.
We are linked directly to several South African precious metals refineries where they mine, refine and mint gold, silver, platinum and palladium under one roof.  

We have been granted exclusive marketing rights for many ranges of coins and bars, with more coming on board all the time.

Quality Bullion also has its own Trading Platform methodology, unlike anything else available in the world. We invite customers to provide “seed capital” for the manufacture of ongoing batches of bullion and we pay them up to 20% of the profits generated when these units are sold on the international markets.

Our Customers are called Portfolio Builders, our Independent Sales Agents are called Portfolio Managers and our crowd-funders are called Group Traders.

You can be any one or all of these, and you can earn money with us in 3 ways:

  1. By buying and holding your own bullion units as a store of value and as a transaction medium.

  2. By bringing new buyers into the business and earning commissions on their expenditure.

  3. By funding the manufacturing process of batches of units and sharing in the ongoing profits when those units are sold overseas.

We currently sell the Bitcoin Bullion range, the Wildlife Series and Krugerrands, and we will be adding more new products as the business grows.

There are 2 new ranges being designed and manufactured right now.

What are my benefits as a Customer?

Customers can convert depreciating fiat currency (paper money) into appreciating, REAL money – gold and silver coins and bars. They can store them and earn as they increase in value, or they can transact with them, if they have no fiat currency available. Most importantly, they get their wealth out of the hands of the banks, so they take full control of their wealth instead of giving it away to institutions that are not obliged to return it, as was seen a few years ago in Greece and Cyprus. Nor can gold and silver revert to zero value, as happened recently in Zimbabwe, as is currently happening in Venezuela, and as happened to the Reichs Mark at the end of WW2.

What are my benefits as an Agent?

Agents who have NOT purchased an Agency get 5% of the GP as a “spotter’s” commission when they bring us paying customers.

Agents who HAVE purchased an Agency get 10% of the GP as a retail commission when they bring us paying customers.

The cost of the Agency is for the tools and products provided. There are different Agency levels with progressively bigger perks, and Agents can start small and upgrade as they earn more money.

What are my benefits as a Group Trader?

Group Traders earn an ongoing residual income by putting their money to work for them. They don’t have to recruit, sell, train or maintain sales teams and downlines.
Their money works for them, instead of them working for their money.
Group Traders earn up to 20% of the Gross Profits generated when we sell batches of bullion units overseas, that they funded with their “seed capital”.

Is this MLM?

No, it is strictly Retail. Independent Sales Agents buy a bona fide “business-in-a-business” and they earn commissions on their own sales only. There is no MLM downline. The whole purpose here is for everyone to make retail purchases and to earn retail commissions when they bring us paying customers.

Do I have to Sign Up to make a purchase?

No, you can purchase as a Guest, but the next time you buy something, you will have to put all your details in again. As a Registered Customer, you won’t have to do that.

How do I receive my products?

Because they are all physical products, they will be couriered to you. So make sure you give us a valid physical address when you buy and/or register with us.
To keep prices competitive, we only charge the day’s spot price plus a small mark-up, the lowest on the market. For that reason, an order and its payment must be completed within the same 24-hour period, otherwise a new order must be placed at the next day’s spot price. The buyer must arrange collection of their purchase by their preferred courier service.

How do I Register and Login?

At the top left of the “Home” screen, click on “Account Details” then type in your Name and Email Address and click “Save Profile”. Make sure you set a strong password!

TIP: Write your login details down, or save them in a Word.docx where you can recall them if you forget your password, for example. Later, when you come back, you can click “Account Details” and “Login” to access your back office.

How do I become a Sales Agent?

You buy one of our affordable Agency packages. This is a proper business, not a free give-away.
However, you only pay for the tools and services provided in each package.
These include, primarily, comprehensive sales training (optional, but necessary); a set of silver coins to use for demo purposes (and as the beginning of your own Bullion Portfolio); your personalised prospecting survey and your own personalised promo video that does all the selling for you.  
So you earn an income from the work that your tools do for you.
You have very little work to do, except to put your survey and video out there, or show your coin set to prospective buyers, and collect your earnings at the end of every month! And you will be your own boss, determining your own income.