The Quality Bullion Trading Platform is where Customers (Portfolio Builders) and Independent Sales Agents (Portfolio Managers) can buy and sell our bullion units. We store our bullion in “The Vault” (see Top Menu), where you can select your units and purchase them quickly and without fuss.

Customers and agents can also provide “seed capital” for the manufacture of more and more batches of units, and earn a proportionate percentage of profits from the sales of those batches. You can earn on-going profits from a single capital amount! “Re-seed” your profits and earn even more!

Louis Gerber is the Founder and CEO of The Quality Bullion Trading Platform.

Louis has an agreement with The Foundry, a South African-based precious metals refinery, which makes Quality Bullion an accredited reseller of their products, enabling us to market a range of 24-carat gold and 99.99% pure silver bullion units, locally and internationally.

Louis is ably assisted by Paul von Wildenrath, who is the Head of Marketing and Sales. Paul has 49 years’ experience in sales and marketing, and is bringing his sales video production company, Attraction Marketing Surveys & Videos into Quality Bullion so that Louis, Paul and their Independent Sales Agents, known as Portfolio Managers, can market our products through the medium of video, 24/7, on autopilot.

Paul is also the founder and CEO of Biz Hub Central.  BHC is a South African online hub or mall where small, medium and micro businesses can get an affordable web presence to compete on an equal footing with bigger, better funded businesses and share in the influx of visitors generated by all our Tenants.

Quality Bullion Agents purchase a fully-equipped agency, a “business within a business”, at a discounted price for cash. The price includes a set of coins and bars for display. There are 2 other repayment options to lighten their initial outlay until they are paid up and in full sales mode.

The sizes of available coins and bars, also referred to as bullion “units”, are: 1g, ½ oz and 1 oz.

The 1 oz coins can be purchased in protective plastic capsules or on laminated cards. The 1 gm and 1/2 oz coins are available on laminated cards. Soon the protective capsules will be available for the 1/2 oz coins and square and rectangular bars, too.

Beautifully hand-crafted wooden boxes lined with black velvet are available as accessories for the 1 oz coins, and will soon be available for ½ oz coins and 1 oz and ½ oz bars. A pure silver coin or bar presented in one of these elegant boxes makes an ideal gift for a special person on a special occasion!

Quality Bullion buys and sells on behalf of bullion owners, companies and organisations.  

Our aim is to create international trade within the world markets that is fairer and more equitable than at present.

During October 2017 we launched a batch of Limited Edition silver bullion units at a special price.

The launch price in October 2017 was R555-00 per unit.

By the 1st of March 2018, the price had increased to R675-00 and today, in October 2018, they are selling at R700 each.

We developed a track record and an opportunity for clients that purchased bullion batches in various countries to profit handsomely. We now have our own trading platform that can be duplicated across the world as a pricing standard for the trading of various types of bullion units.

We have formed relationships within the Military Veterans’ Organisations in more than 56 nations to also develop the commemoration bullion for veterans across the world. The products we promote include BitCoin Bullion, an independent, trademarked bullion product (coins and bars) not linked to the cryptocurrency in any way, as well as other environmental, wildlife, utility, community development, governmental and other commemorative bullion products.

Group Trading Programme:

Our production cost per batch of 1,000 units is standardised and is only increased when silver, gold and manufacturing costs are increased. This allows funders to participate voluntarily in the manufacture of bullion units in preparation for market demands. 

When a unit is sold, we get 100% of our Seed Capital back (Return of Seed Capital, or RSC), plus the profits of the sale.
If the Group Trader has instructed us to re-seed subsequent batches with their original capital amount, we will do so.
We pay out a maximum of 20% of the profits earned, so if there is more than one Group Trader involved in that batch, the profits will be divided between them in proportion to the amount they put in.
If a Group Trader is the sole funder of a batch, they will receive the full 20% profit.
One capital amount can therefore generate multiple cycles of manufacture, sales and profits. This is a substantial residual income, without anyone else’s involvement. Just you and your money, working for you!
It is the funder’s own choice whether to re-seed their profit, or withdraw it. 

In other words, if 1 capital amount is recycled 5 times at 20% profit to the funder, that is a 100% Return of Seed Capital, with the initial capital amount still in service.

(Re-seeding of profits is not compulsory. These can be withdrawn by the funder at any time). 

The same RSC opportunity is available to anyone who would like to participate as group funders. Their returns will be in proportion to their capital contribution per batch of units from 10 to 1,000. For example, if they fund 100 out of 1,000 units, their return will be 10% of the total selling price.

Commission Structure:

A standard commission for sales made to customers in South Africa is paid to the Portfolio Manager who made the sale. However, if the Manager makes a sale to an international customer, he will earn an ADDITIONAL 4%-5.6%, depending on the currency with which the customer pays for the goods (USD, GBP or EUR). This commission also applies when Managers bring paying Group Traders into the bullion manufacturing process. This system ensures a fair market standard towards all the projects that will be funded and managed by Quality Bullion. 

Managers can choose either to be paid immediately funds from a sale have been received by Quality Bullion, or at the end of every month, or they can have their payments spread equally over a 3-month period, to ensure an on-going cash flow.

Documentation, commissions, duties and the responsibilities of Quality Bullion and the Portfolio Manager will be discussed and outlined with each individual agency application. This is a great business to be in, so consider it carefully, learn everything you can about the business and make an informed decision!

Ongoing Production and Duplication:

The Quality Bullion Trading Platform promotes that with each batch sold, another batch can be manufactured from the seed capital returned after the sale of the previous batch.

Thus the sowing and reaping principles are adhered to for sustainable growth and ongoing revenue for the funders of a specific batch.  Multiple batches can be purchased by trading groups that will ensure production growth and the selling of more batches, ad infinitum.

Market Value of Silver and Gold:

Please remember that the market value of silver is being artificially suppressed by more than 250% of its actual trading price on world markets. When the restoration of the silver trade price occurs, which is predicted to happen within the next few months, the recalculation will take place to restore the selling price of silver bullion units to its true value across the world. That will result in higher values of existing bullion units that can be traded on our Platform, with an increase in profits.

Forewarned is Forearmed!

It is therefore our most fervent recommendation that you take action NOW! to participate in this windfall by purchasing as much silver bullion as you can afford, before the price of silver soars. We cannot stress this enough.

It’s better to buy before the surge, rather than after it!

Go to The Vault to make your selection and follow the prompts to the checkout page.

Contact Us if you are unsure what to do, and we will assist you.