Buy and Hold Your Own Gold & Silver Bullion

Customers are called Portfolio Builders. Buy gold and silver Bitcoin Bullion from us in tradeable sizes and at the best prices!

Become an Agent and Earn Commissions

Agents are called Portfolio Managers. Help others to become financially secure and earn commissions on every purchase they make.

Become a Group Funder and Earn Profits

Group Funders provide "seed money" and earn on-going profits on all sales of bullion they provided the manufacturing capital for.

Meet Paul, Head of Sales & Marketing!

Louis and I will provide you with regular Financial Education, because that is the first critical step you must take towards understanding HOW TO become financially secure. And we will give you the tools and products to make that happen. 

"I know that buying bullion for the first time is daunting, since it's one of the most important actions you'll ever take to secure your own and your family's future incomes. That is why we will share all important financial information with you. This knowledge and what you do with it will give you the confidence that this is the REAL money and "store of value" you want AND need!"
Paul von Wildenrath
Head of Sales & Marketing

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